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How a Clean Home Reduces Health Risks

Your own health and the health of your family are a top priority, and you likely want to know how to preserve and defend it. Eating healthy foods, exercising and even having close social ties all work to help keep you strong and fit. Yet, the state of your home can also impact your health in a significant way. For example, a dirty kitchen can lead to gastrointestinal illness or having pests in your house can allow dangerous diseases to be contracted. So, to help you learn what benefits a tidy home can bring, here’s how a clean home reduces health risks.

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A Clean Kitchen Lowers the Risk of Gastrointestinal Illness.

The kitchen is a hotspot for organisms to breed, because of the presence of water and bacteria from food sources. Some of the most common types of bacteria present are Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria. As any one of these nasty organisms can cause significant gastrointestinal health issues for you or your family, keeping your kitchen disinfected and clean is important. A cleaner with bleach is the best way to ensure that these bacteria are effectively neutralized (1). If you want to ensure that bleach residue doesn’t end up in your food, go back over the surfaces with soap and water afterward.

What areas of the kitchen should you give the most attention to? A study on the dirtiest areas of your kitchen found that appliances and tools (such as the blender) tend to be the biggest culprits (2). This may be because the counters and utensils are cleaned regularly, but appliances are often overlooked. Whatever the reason, when cleaning your food prep space, you should focus on sanitizing these appliances, the countertops, and your refrigerator.

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A Clean Home Can Reduce Allergies and Asthma.

The indoor air quality in your home matters, especially if a family member suffers from allergies or asthma. An unkempt home will tend to have accumulated dust and even dust mites on various surfaces, from the tabletops to the carpet and drapes. This isn’t a small issue, as the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America states that roughly 20 million Americans are susceptible to the allergen in dust mite waste. This can exacerbate asthma in those that have it, or give rise to allergic rhinitis (nasal itching, congestion, and sneezing) in those that don’t. Even more alarming, living in an environment contaminated with high levels of dust mite waste, could possible trigger children predisposed to asthma to develop it (3).

The good news is, that keeping these surfaces properly vacuumed and dusted on a regular basis may lower breathing issues. It’s important to note that some sufferers have found that a water-based vacuum which traps contaminants in a basin of H2O, may be much more effective for lowering allergies in the home versus traditional models which use regular vacuum bags. You may also want to purchase one or more high-quality HEPA air filters, to ensure that the air inside your home is free of contaminants.


A Clean Home Reduces Disease Risk From Unwanted Guests.

Unwanted guests such as cockroaches and mice don’t just give you the creeps – they can give you diseases as well. Cockroaches are a known asthma trigger for those people who are allergic to the antigens within their discarded shells, droppings and even saliva. They can also cause gastrointestinal illness, so it’s important that you remove items that will attract cockroaches – such as standing water or food particles around your home (4).

Mice can also carry diseases, like Hantavirus, Salmonella, and Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (5). As you don’t want your family exposed to these dangers, it’s best to keep your home clean (especially the kitchen) so pests aren’t tempted to move in. If you do see evidence of an infestation, you should take measures right away to eliminate them from your home.

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With the above information in hand, you no longer have to wonder how a clean home reduces health risks. A well-kept house can reduce the chances that your family will acquire a gastrointestinal bug from contamination within your kitchen. It can also reduce allergy and asthma symptoms for members of your family who suffer from these issues. Finally, good housekeeping can even lower the risk of disease from unwanted guests like cockroaches and mice. Not only will keeping your home clean give you and your family a pleasing environment to enjoy – it can help to maintain and protect your health as well.